Report 1

Report 1:  

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Welcome after one and a half year break.
We have completed one and a half months of our Expedition and we have another one and a half months to go.
We are trying to keep you all posted to what is happening here.
Special Thanks to:

Family & Friends without your support and positive energy this expedition would not be possible.
Thank you All.
Many Thanks for all Our Gear& Supplies:

Goal Zero
La Sportiva
MSR (paker.pl)
online shops: 8a.pl, manaslu.pl , sewel.pl, e-pamir.pl, outdoorzy.pl, kluczka.pl

Team 2015/16
  • Marek KLONU Klonowski - A Great Believer that the world will be a better place
  • Michal DZIKU Dzikowski - Photographer
  • Pawel PABLO Dunaj - Inventor & Constructor aka Paszka
  • Tomek DZIOBEK Dziobkowski - Adventure Lover
  • Pawel KUDLATY Witkowski 
  • Safdar Karim - who is searching for a polish wife and hopes to live in Poland
  • Karim Hayat
  • Pawel STRAZAK Kudla
  • Piotr Tomza
Michal Obrycki - Support in Poland
Lukasz LUCUS Machowski - Support in Ireland

Day 1:  16/11/2015
Meeting with Polish Team in Gryfino in Dziubas house and from here we are heading to Berlin to the Airport.  In the meantime in Dublin Airport Marek and Dziku waiting for their flight to Istanbul.  And from Istanbul we will all fly to Islamabad.

Day 2:  17/11/15
We arrive at our destination at 3 AM, no problems with collecting our Luggage.  
Karim & Safdar were waiting at the Airport for us.  
The Nanga Dream Team will be fully complete when Pawel and Piotr arrive in January.
We arrive at the Hotel at 6 AM with a few hours sleep we headed to the Riphah International University to meet with the Students.
That Evening we went to collect our cargo but there were some problems.

Day 3:  18/11/15
We spent the day at the Hotel catching up on some lost sleep, and later we met our friend Abbas Ali who we met two years ago on our Expedition 2013/14.  Abbas is helping us to organise everything we need for our Expedition.
Abbas was born in Tarashing so we are delighted to have him helping us as he has great knowledge and experience. And later we will be visting Hotel Percal Continental.

Day 4:  19/11/15 
Expedition Day
Shopping Shopping Shopping:  Food, Lines, Flip Flops; finally we are collecting our cargo.
We decided that we will leave Pindii to Gilgit.  
In Gilgit we will finish our shopping and we will get all the stuff we need for acclimatisation on Rakaposhi (7788 m n.p.m)

Day 5: 20/11/15
At 4 am the car broke down we are halfway to Gilit, there is a problem with the clutch.
Dziubek helped fix the clutch and we are on our way on Karakorum highway.
At 2 AM we arrive at the Continental Hotel.

Day 6:  21/12/15
Shopping  in Gilgit, we will be meeting our Security Team High Altitude Special Forces.  From now on we will have our security team with us 24 7.

Day 7:  22/12/15
We are traveling from Gilgit to Jaglot.  On the way we are collecting Rachim Hayat.
Rachim is our great kitchen chef and we are all very happy to have him on board.
We are changing the cars in jaglot.
The People in Jaglot are very friendly.
We are setting up our tents to get some sleep.
In the meantime 15 people from the village are discussing the Trek conditions etc.

Day 8:  23/11/15
In the morning the porters arrive with the donkeys and we are moving from upper Jaglot to houses on 3300m.  
After a few hours we reach our destination which is the Summer Village of Jaglot.
We are surrounded by beautiful glacier Biro i Kunti and we can see Rakaposhi summit from here.
Rachim prepares great food and there is a great spirit in the whole Team.

Day 9:  24/11/15
We are leaving to head up the mountain.  Two Teams:  Two different Routes.

Day 10;  25/11/15
We are changing our gear.  The weather forecast is showing snow in the evening.
We decided to stay at our Camp.

Day 11:  26/11/15
Heavy Snowfall all day.

Day 12:  27/11/15
Sunny Sunny We are going up.
The Plan for today is to setup ABC - Klonu, Dziku, Dziobek, and Kudlacz

Day 13:  28/12/15
In the morning we setup ABC.  Pablo is joining us at ABC.
Marek and Dziobek are going up.

Day 14: 29/11/15
Marek and Kudlacz are heading up to setup C1.
Pablo and Dziku are returning to the Basecamp.
Karim and Safdar are going from the Base Camp to ABC.

Day 15:  30/11/15
Klonu and Kudlacz are going to climb the Ice Waterfall over C1.
Karim and Safdar will leave food and supplies at C1 and will return to the Base Camp.
Klonu and Kudlacz will remain in C1.

Day 16:  01/12/15
During the night there was heavy snowfall and in the morning Klonu and Kudlacz decided to move C1 to 20 m lower.  Dziobek and Pablo and Dziku left the Base Camp to ABC.
Klonu and Kudlacz are returning back down to the Base Camp.

Day 17:  02/12/15
Klonu and Kudlacz are resting at the Base Camp.
Dziobek, Pablo and Dziku are at C1.
Karim and Safdar are at ABC.

Day 18:  03/12/15
Dziku is heading back down to the Base Camp.
Karim and Safdar are at C1.
Dziobek and Pablo succeded in climbing the Ice Waterfall.
Klonu and Kudlacz leave the Base Camp on their journey to Secord Peak.

Day 19:  04/12/15
The Team from C1 manage to climb all 3 Ice Waterfalls.
The route ahead of them looks achieveable but for safety they need more lines and they did not have enough with them.
And so they head back down to Base Camp.
Karim and Safdar will spend one more night at C1.
Marek, Kudlacz and Dziku spend their night at 4400m.

Day 20:  05/12/15
Marek and Kudlacz are going up towards Secord Peak.
Dziku is going back down to the Base Camp.
Safdar and Karim are going down to ABC.
Dziabek is leaving the Base Camp to meet up with Marek and Kudlacz.
Marek and Kudlacz  set up the tent with a view of Summit of Nanga Parbat.

Day 21:  06/12/15
Marek and Kudlacz  meet up with Dziabek.  All three of us in one tent.
Lucas sends us the weather forecast and it is not looking good.  
We all decided to go back down to Base  Camp

Day 22:  07/12/15
Marek Dziabek and Kudlaty are returning to Base Camp.
On the way they meet Dziku.  

Day 23:  08/12/15
In the morning the Porters show up.
We are preparing our gear.
We are returning to Jaglot and from there to Gilgit.

Day 24:  09/12/15
We have a meeting with Rektorem of Karakorum International University.
Marek is checking the solar system there.
Dziku stays at the hotel.
Dziobek, Safdar and Kudlaty are climbing the mountain in front of the University.

Day 25:  10/12/15
Last day for shopping, checking Emails, taking showers.
Tomorrow morning we are leaving Gilgit.

Day 26:  11/12/15
On the Road from Gilgot to Astore.
40 km before Astore we discovered that the road was destroyed so we have to change the cars.
We have to move all our gear to the car on the other side of the road.
In the evening we reach Astore and we are changing our cars again and after dark we arrive at Tarashing.
We have a great dinner and the we go to sleep.

Day 27:  12/12/15
After breakfast we are starting our trek to Lattabo.
There are 20 Porters with us.
After arriving to Lattabo we connect the solar panels so we will have light in the Kitchen and in the  Living Room :)

Day 28:  13/12/15
We are setting up our Base Camp in Lattabo;  tables, chairs, electrics.
We have electricity 24 7.
4 Solar Panels 50 wp each and 60 Ah Battery is working great.

Day 29:  14/12/15
Pablo is feeling unwell.
Karim is also feeling unwell and he decides to go to Rupal village.
The rest of the Team are going to ABC with 20 KG backpacks to leave the deposit there.

Day 30:  15/12/15
Dziobek is feeling unwell.
Kudlaty, Dziku and Safdar are going to ABC to leave the deposit there.
Klonu and Dziobek are heading towards Shigiri Peak.
At the moment we have 130 kg of a deposit at ABC.
The most of this are the 9 mm Lines.

Day 31:  16/12/15
We are all resting at Lattabo.

Day 32:  17/12/15
All the Team is leaving for ABC.
We are all carrying 20kg backpacks

Day 33:  18/12/15
Marek and Dziku are heading towards Mazeno Pas.
Safdar, Abbas and Kudlaty are heading to ABC.
Pablo and Dziobek rest at the Base Camp.
Karim arrived back from Rupal village

Day 34:  19/12/15
Pablo, Kudlaty are leaving the Base Camp to ABC with full Backpacks.
The Rest of the Team are resting at the Base Camp.

Wrote about us and our solar energy: here



Felt so strong that went for a "walk" yesterday 
did not felt that strong after comming back 
respect to the nature


Time to walk

3rd time here but first time had time to "walk" up the valley (attaching picture from the way) what a amazing place, what a amazing view of Nanga Parbat we are preparing to start hard with first day of winter (Dec 21st ) inshallah so far we have ABC set up today at 4100m (Diamir BC is at 4200m) and we are not moving above due to unwritten rules of "pure winter ascent" so resting and enjoying good weather. 
greetings from polish house in Lattabo


waiting for winter first day

there is nothing to write :)
everything is flowing
magic time
if time exist
feel strong like never before
sharing that power
and receiving more


welcome from Lattabo BC!
have fired up satellite modem today so connected until credit runs out :)
Base camp is set up, solar system with lithium battery works well (4x50Watt mono PV, 60Ah lithium battery, battery monitor, hundreds of chargers)
All team is good ready for action at 21st of December, some snow is coming before that...


Odcinek 1 - Rakaposhi

Here's the video from acclimatization on Rakaposhi! Feel free to watch and share!