Snowing...hopefully last day of snow tomorrow... not enough solar power...



day before xmans eve we set up abc camp at 4100m. X-mans spent at
Lattabo... eating, shitting, and being in harmony with universe...
Yesterday we climbed up to the end of glacier and left deposit. Started
snowing in the night and still snowing ... so we are back in Lattabo...
peacefull Lattabo... justice for all ...


Justice for All

After short trek from Tarashing we reached Lattabo at 3500 m. Planet
Nibiru didnt came so we heading up tommorow.



Leaving for Chilas tommorow. Tomek making interview with anonymous Ali.


this winter attempts

This year boys will be dreaming on 2 sides of the mountain. Magyar -Amerikai Téli Nanga Parbat Expedíció on Diamir side, on the route which Denis and Simone tried last year. We trying on Rupal side via route known as Shell route. In 2007 strong team 8+ (PL) were there in winter.

Worth to note that Mazeno Ridge fully experienced this summer for a first time. 

Weather forecast