going home

Thank you All for all positive comments and energy...
As our resources are limited, food is finish, money also... we going
home, families waiting (work is also waiting if its still there :) ).
Our flight is in 6 days... Come back later for more pictures and
movies... All the best.


Tomek safe in Lattabo !

Tomek is back in Lattabo BC ! all good ... he turned back from around
7400. Justice for all !


between Diamir & Rupal

Tomek reached 7000m yesterday. He is just above Mazeno Pass... Windy
yesterday up there...
Up or down ? Rupal or Diamir ? Peace or Love ?


T in C3

Looks like Tomek is in C3 from Feb 2nd !!! (message got today ... btw do
not have a phone here only DSL modem so first updates by Luk probably in
comments ).

Diamir side warned that he might be visable there in comming days...

Extreme weather in Lattabo today so hard even imagine what is up there



last 2 weeks

19 ABC.
20 Early start, fresh snow, one avalanche cuted by Marek, Tomek lucky
off her way... hard work through deep snow to C1.
21 Tomek resting in C1, Marek reaching C2.
22 Marek fixing 100m rope around Wielicki spur, "dinner" together in C2.
23 Tomek leading final 100m around Wielicki spur, night back in C2.
24 Stuff up. Some flying lessons by Marek so digging C2A just before icy
25 Icy 100m done. Research around and digging comfortable C2B cave for
kings (double bedroom).
26 Going up. Reaching upper ice fields after sunset so digging small
snow cave (only for heads ). Wind coming in the night.
27 "funny position" in the stormy weather so digging dipper and calling
it Camp 3.
28 good weather so going up... and finding remaining of polish C3 50m
from us (so didn't climbed to far this day, but crashing lots of ice
looking for treasures :) ).
29 going down to C2B (Tomek forgot something important :) )
30 wind and snow and snow and wind so watching TV all day
31 Sat phone out of batteries (due to fucking "invalid position" in C3 -
Thuraya shit... but love when works ) so Marek going down to C2 for
charger (small solar panel with us ). ... and up... cold, windy day.
1st of February. Marek is giving up (forced too much last day, knowing
his body - no chance for fighting up (calf cramps ). Tomek staying
in C2B waiting for weather - hoping for ... ? Marek climbing down,
taking C1 with him, reaching ABC.
2nd - Marek reaching Lattabo today... Tomek still waiting for weather in
C2B at 6100m.

Tomek left yesterday with 4 meals in C2B. Around 6 meals, sweets and gas
in C3... Sat phone with him so will be updating if any news...