a tymczasem przeciwbolowe sie skonczyly ale chlopaki sa w dobrym stanie, doktor czapkins czuwa, jacek opiekuje sie jak dziecmi wiec jest ok. Niestety pogoda brynda dalej dzisiaj i wedlug prognoz dopiero jutro wieczorem sie wypogadza. tymczasem dotarl Abdul z porterami, skladaja nosze i prawdopodobnie jutro z ranca pojda na noszach jesli pogoda utrzyma sie zła.

tutaj email z askari aviation z dzisiaj 

In reference to the evacuation of 2 x Polish Climbers (i.e. Mr. Michal & Mr. Pawel) from Lattabo, we would like to inform you that helicopters & pilots are on standby but due to inclement weather conditions the helicopter evacuation has not been possible since yesterday.

However, we remain standby and as soon as the weather improves the helicopters will be dispatched to evacuate the polish climbers.


Muhammad Irfan

Flight Operations

Askari Chartered Services (ACS) 

tu troche info na portalu gorskim  



the cat is awake :)

"a cat starts to be active only when he sees mice around..."

an excerpt from a conversation we had with Tomasz Mackiewicz:

"...Simone's expedition is over. All the media in Poland are saying that our (Justice for all) expedition is over too. We never said anything like that! We are planning a few days of rest in BC and we are going up again. Our acclimatisation is superb, we have plenty of power. The spirits are high, we had a vote today and everyone said "We are staying!" We need to extend our visas and climbing permit now...We (Tomek and David) got to Mazeno ridge - 7200m - we could see the other side...unfortunately there was a weather change- winds as strong as 70km/h. W e have plenty of food, plenty of gear, ropes are fixed, Simone has left us plenty of goodies - parmesan cheeses, sausages, sleeping bags...we have a deposit and a tent in Camp 3, (...) plenty of power, another deposit in Camp4...we will keep trying..."

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